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Manas will change

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1/15/2014 7:03:01 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Recently I returned from Kyrgyzstan where I visited country's capital Bishkek. I was departing from Manas International Airport and I've noticed high activity there. I knew that in 2014 Americans supposedly will abandon their Transit Center but construction of new buildings is not something you do when you're packing bags. Local people told me that Atambayev is totally cracked because he told everyone that Americans will be expelled from the country but in fact he allowed them to turn Manas into something different - they constructing there new navigational facilities, roads and other infrastructure. Since the beginning it was clear that Americans won't easily leave Manas because they got there some profitable business - smuggling drugs from Afghanistan under the guise of their transit operations. From Manas they delivered drugs to US Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and later the biggest part of drugs goes to Europe. Kyrgyzstan is a poor country but Atambayev's involvement into drug business makes its position worse because in fact he sold the whole country because of his greedy interests to Americans so their military elite could make drug money. They do not even hide their business so I can only guess why international community is silent about that...