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Muslim Attacker Shot Dead in Melbourne

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9/24/2014 11:33:27 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I was a bit conflicted over which forum to post this in-- News, Politics, Society, or Religion. News seemed most appropriate, but my question has religious and cultural implications.

Here is the news story:

An 18 year old attacked policemen with a knife and was then shot dead when he went to the department to answer some questions. It seems that he wanted to do maximum damage before he was removed as a threat by obviously armed policemen. The attacker had alleged sympathies toward ISIL.

This is a truly desperate act. Australia is a prosperous, tolerant, secular nation which allows its citizens to worship as they choose. It has also sent troops in response to the ISIL (aka ISIS) threat in the Middle East, and that seems to be an underlying issue here.

My question: can anyone make any sort of sense out of this? Why is there such seemingly random, violent allegiance to the ISIL organization or whatever brand of Islamic extremism in so many corners of the world? Why such desperate anger from young people in a free and prosperous country? Is one on one warfare what they want? It cannot end in a good conclusion, as this incident shows.

I have at least one friend who would dismiss them as irrational, barbaric thugs who are immune to any sort of rational explanation. This site has a much more diverse set of opinions, so I ask: anyone got anything better?

In all seriousness, my wife is truly afraid that I might be a target myself...
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