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The Siege of Ayn Al-Arab

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10/6/2014 9:32:56 AM
Posted: 3 years ago

I am speechless. The Kurds were always hopeless, but in defending Ayn Al-Arab, they have done exceptionally well, especially when armed with AK-47s only. Ayn Al-Arab, also known as Khobane, has been breached by Islamists. They have for long outnumbered the Kurds, and now they're in. The Islamic State has gathered up all troops and all guns for this battle. The United States and their airstrikes have done nothing to bolster the Kurds. The IS fighters have adopted tactics. The United States has launched, as of October 2nd, 7 sorties against the IS in this region, and yet IS is getting men, arms and munition from the Caliphate.

The Kurds are hopelessly caught in a battle in which they know that they would lose. The closest FSA garrison is hopelessly away, and the FSA has been fighting Assad's forces as of lately, as Assad has ordered many offensives in areas around Damascus. They are particularly close to destroying the Jobar Front in Damascus, and this has had the FSA pinned down for quite abit. The SAAF is also unable to aid the Kurds, as the Turks will think of this as a violation of their airspace.

All I could do now is pity the oncoming bloodshed, but hope that some miracle will happen. i.e Turkey decides to intervene or something of that sort. IMHO this battle will be the last major ISIS victory against any country.

Your opinion DDo?
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