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Happy Ba'ath Day

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11/16/2014 8:47:36 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
No, that is not a mispelling of the bath. (Ba'ath Anthem, Syria Region)

Ba'ath in Arabic means renaissance. Today, we celebrate the overthrowing of the Leftist conspirators against the Arabic Ba'ath by Hafez Al-Assad and the establishment of the Syrian Arab Republic. Well, in reality, the revolution occurred on the 13th, but Syrians celebrate it on the 16th anyways. What has happened in Syria is deplorable; Bashar Al-Assad and his secular friends, supported by Hezbollah and Iran, are now fighting a war that looks increasingly strained. The Syrian Arab Army's size has been reduced by 1/4th, and yet it is still standing. From initial defeats in Aleppo, it has regained much of eastern Syria, and is now looking to destroy rebel posts around Aleppo. It has recaptured much of Damascus, and literally, the Mediterranean Coast is under Syrian control. The situation in Daraa is, however, quite concerning. The ONLY moderate rebels in the country are now launching another offensive against regime forces, but these offensives won't go anywhere. If such an offensive becomes too much, then the elite Hezbollah will relocate the deployment of it's troops to this sector, as it directly borders Lebanon.

The Syrian Arab Republic has faced several blows, but it is still standing strong, thanks to the support of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and most importantly, the Syrian people. The den of Arabism will stand against all assaults against the secularity of the nation, and all bullets will be met with bullets. In my opinion, the largest threat against the Syrian regime is not ultimately the true rebels, but the Islamic State. IS has an army of 200,000 men (at most), and has heavy equipment. However, IS is nothing compared to Hezbollah. I mean like, news agencies are like "wow, Hollywood style shtuff. Wew, let's see the Syrians beat that" The Syrians and their allies have been making swag music videos about killing before it was even kewl. Like literally, look at this video made by Hezbollah's "Electronic Resistance". Propaganda that incites fear into the enemy is ultimately not a very smart thing to do. Iraqi Saddamist propaganda was a 'fear-based' propaganda. "You can't defeat us, Mericnas. We're the best" was the main logic of Saddamist propaganda against the Mericans. "STFU, or else we cut your ears off" was the logic of Saddamist (and Gaddafi's propaganda) against their people. IS follows the same tactics. Look at how Saddam's regime and Gaddafi's regime now. Wait, nvm. Ultimately, IS's fear tactics will fall. The Syrian Arab Army's propaganda war has now taken a new face tho. I mean look at the Syrian Electronic Army. They have hacked into the Onion, various Twitter websites, and they have foiled an entire offensive discussed by the FSA over Facebook. These guys are great hackers. Loyal citizens to their countries too.

Ultimately, Assad will triumph over this mess, and he will have a serious reconsideration of his ideals on Ba'athism, and ultimately discard his neo-Ba'athism for real Ba'athism. Until then, happy November 16th Arabic Ba'ath Day! (Hezbollah Propaganda) (Syrian Electronic Army)
praise the lord Chin Chin