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Marine Le Pen's 'dedemonisation' of the FN

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4/11/2015 9:52:55 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
If you follow any French news site at all on Facebook, you should be aware of the rift between Marine Le Pen and her dad Jean-Marie, as well as Mme Le Pen's attempts to 'dediabolise' the Front national. Personally my news feed has been flooded with FN over the past few months...

The question is, how significant, or insignificant, are Mme Le Pen's changes?

Here's an article I read (reading a text that long in French gives me a sense of accomplishment...)

In a nutshell, Marine Le Pen's changed the FN's anti-Semitic ways, but she remains an 'alterphobe' (someone with an irrational fear of 'others'; essentially xenophobia in a broader sense) and an 'autophile' (someone who loves 'themselves', i.e. extreme nationalism). She also remains a strong stickler of traditional values, such as reaffirming the position of teachers as authority figures.

Do you think Marine Le Pen is really changing the FN's core values, as her father grudgingly asserts? Is she abandoning ideas that have led the public to view the FN negatively, in an attempt to attract more votes in her party's favour?

Are the changes in her policy significant enough to warrant a fundamental change in her party's policies?
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