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The Houthi threat

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12/20/2015 3:11:41 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Hello my dearest debate users. I'd like to open up a topic which gets very little media coverage but needs attention. The media is busy talking about how an ISIS member went to the bathroom and how that will end the world, Yes ISIS is a problem but Iran and allies are a bigger one. I predict if the Houthis take over Yemen 100% this could very dangerous worse than Iran imagine Iran on steiroids. Houthi controlled areas are already seeing small scale genocides of Sunnis and Anti-Houthi Zaydis. I believe this terrorist group is stronger than we think and is a much larger threat than ISIS today it's Yemen and Saudi Arabia tomorrow its the world being attacked by Houthi terrorists they are the ISIS of Zaydi Shiites their leader Abdul Malik Al-Houthi even claims to be the new Zaydi Caliph and Imam.