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Repeat of California 1862 flood is imminent.

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1/26/2016 12:52:37 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
The 1862 flood that destroyed California and Oregon in 1862 would spell a disaster bigger than the New Orleans Hurricane. It would fill the Sacramento valley up with water and create a huge sea as large as Lake Michigan, destroying the most fertile valley on the planet.
In 1862, the Banana Express set itself up and dumped nearly 300 inches of rain in the mountains of northern California, and southern Oregon. The valleys of California became a huge inland sea. If it happened today, nearly all of the best produce in the world would be flooded, causing food shortages in the USA. This is never talked about by the Weather Channel, or the newspaper. They should talk about it. The valleys of California and Oregon are the richest produce lands in the world. Cherries, apples, oranges, peaches, pears, and all kinds of fruits from these valleys supply the whole world. This is one reason that California is so rich. For those who do not know, rich agriculture lands are always the richest production areas on the planet, since it is food that always leads to dollars, even in economic depressions and world wars. A repeat of 1862 would take years to recover from.
It would be akin to having all the copper and silver mines in the west being inundated by water, or having all the U.S. military bases flooded. Yet, no one talks about it.
The importance of the produce of Oregon and California is just the same as the wheat and corn in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. If all off these lands were burned by fire, it would be the same as the floods of 1862.
The Banana Express is what caused the floods. It happens in the west nearly every year. When it happens it will usually dump 30-40 inches of rain in a 5-7 day period in the mountains, and 5-10 inches of rain in the valleys. But when it sets up strongly it will dump five times that amount.....100 inches in the mountains, and 30 inches in the valleys. In 1996, some valley locations recorded nearly 20-30 inches of rain in valley locations, and some mountain locations recorded 50 inches. But this burst of rain was not the gran-daddy. The gran-daddy would produce rain five times that amount. And no, it would not be due to so called global warming.
The 300 inch rain season will come again. My question is why is it not talked about?