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Libya Winning Race for Site of Obama"s War

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2/29/2016 8:27:53 PM
Posted: 2 years ago

"The preferred scenario for any intervention, senior Western officials say, is to be invited by a widely recognized government that would unite most Libyans against the threat of Islamic State, also called ISIS or Daesh. But, some say, the West may have to go it alone if the situation deteriorates dramatically on the ground."

"If a Libyan government ends up inviting foreign troops, Italy, France, the U.K. and the U.S. are likely to consider creating a force that would back Libyan units in operations against Islamic State, diplomats say. These countries have worked for months on contingency planning and the U.S. already sent a small Special Operations team into Libya."

US collaction this. Five western nation prefer for war. Experts mean US collaction will to have 10,000 ground troops then Libya Air Force and Army then the war can begin with IS( ISIS/ISIL) som big losers. 3000 ground troops they have from Tunisia behind Libya even I will IS will win actually than loses the only war they can win and with 3000+3000 Jihadist warriors. Waiver from Tunisia again with 3000 men. 6000 warriors is enough to bring victory in Libya and against Libyan's Army maybe to Air Force then US collaction how are 5000 troops is said in a couple of network in worlds. But experts says that five western nation need dubble size over 5000 troops to win against ISIS how I don't want. I wanted that ISIS with 6000 ground troops won in Libya then they will have Sharia laws and a leader and Army in bigger strenght than commander Libya war vs US, Italy, France and UK then Libya there I hopes on 6000 jihadist.