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Xbox 'go-go' dancers?

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3/22/2016 3:14:34 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
This is the story and a link:

Microsoft's Xbox boss apologises for go-go dancer party

The head of Microsoft's Xbox has apologised after the company hosted a party for computer games developers that featured podium performances by female go-go dancers. The evening event in San Francisco was held on the same day as a Microsoft-sponsored "women in games" lunch. The dancers were dressed in short skirts and crop tops. Phil Spencer said it was "unequivocally wrong", after attendees took to social media to complain. The event took place during a week-long conference for developers creating games for Xbox.

Here's the question - why was it unequivocally wrong? If it was quite so unequivocal - this wrongness, why did it happen? I mean, if they'd had booked a greasy fat farmer to bugger a pig live on stage - I'd agree, that would be unequivocally wrong. But dancing girls??? What's wrong with that?

I imagine the complainant, Kamina Vincent has been gifted with a brilliant mind - and good for her, but the go-go dancer may not have been. She could be working her way through medical school for all I know, but let us assume she's employing the assets she has. For the brilliant minded Kamina Vincent to complain that go-go dancing is an illegitimate occupation; and worse, for Phil Spencer to agree... unequivocally, seems to me unfair on the go-go dancer, unreasonable, and a victory for the 'right-on' Nazis of the politically correct brigade.