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Revelation? // The DoC Distribution EP0000001

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5/3/2016 12:23:14 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Episode Cast:

Dragon_of_Christ (DoC) -- Main Host
Bill Toidi (BT) -- Announcer
Xeps IV (XI) -- Local conspiracy theorist with codename.
Johnny Billy (RSI) -- Random street interviewee.
Mary Jacobson (RSI2) -- Random street interviewee.
Rapor Brono (RB) -- Not so famous celeberty that believes theory.
Couch i am (CIA) -- Anonymous guy hidden in couch.


BT: We are starting a DDO news service.

And by we i mean Dragon_of_Christ and the guy who wrote me.

Also Dragon_of_Christ

This is episode 1.

In this post we will analyze this conspiracy theory.

Let's see it!

Off to you Dragon. --/BT


DoC: So revalation, will all that stuff actually happen?

We have interpreted astronomical events as fulfilling the bible.

It is the part with the woman running from the dragon.

Are some stars not stars? Are some stars actually angels?

Note the angel with the scroll standing on the earth and land.

It is described as having a face like the sun and limbs like firey pillars. --/DoC

BT: Here are a few testimonials.

What do you think about what i just read to you? --/BT

RSI: Well i'm just christian.

I don't know about no stars. --/RSI

DoC: Let's see the next interview tape. --/DoC

RSI2: Well i don't believe everything i read, i mean why do we have to like guy people?

I don't believe in anything but i think it might be i don't know. --/RSI2

BT: There you have it.

And if that wasn't enough let's go to the celebrity Rapor Brono. --/BT

RB: Man that is some stuff.

I believe it, i believe it.

Are you telling me ANGEL are flying all around up there boy?

Man, crazy.

Know what, man.


Just man.

Wow, oh my, wow. --/RB

DoC: We just got on the phone with the creator of the website going by the codename Xeps IV. --/DoC

VI: Yeah, that was a long time ago.

I don't really believe it anymore but it was a big breakthrough in my research which ended in 2012, when the world didn't end.

Dumb*bleep* Mayans.

I will not release the name of my paper.

And i would really appreciate it if you didn't show up at my house again.

I want to bury the past and might even sue yo*--#%"=_~< --/VI

DoC: Well, heh heh.

That was really something, wasn't it.

We have one more interview which is apparently an expert in the field. --/DoC

CIA: Yes that is good but contradicts my alien light bulb theory.

And the bible is always literal.



Dragons actually existed at some point, i have even found two real dragon teeth and one skull piece. --/CIA

DoC: Could it be true?

How close is the dragon?

Is it actually a dragon?

Only time will tell. --/DoC



All characters: (DoC)
DDO Easter Eggs: (DoC)
Webpage: Idc
Lighting: DoC
Special Effects: DoC
Pretty much everything except the webpage: DoC

DoC & BT: Have a nice day!

DoC: Really? --/DoC

BT: I thought you said for me to do it? --/BT

DoC: No, Bill. --/DoC

BT: K. --/BT
Jesus loves you.


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5/3/2016 9:52:54 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
At 5/3/2016 2:24:17 PM, Adam_Godzilla wrote:
Not really sure what's going on but interesting series.

It is a news cast about the points made on the website.

Take the link after the first divider.
Jesus loves you.


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Stupid atheist remarks #: 6