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A Few Serious Questions

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7/15/2016 11:07:08 PM
Posted: 1 year ago

I found this on the internet sadly and it's pretty disappointing to me. This happened last year.

Basically, a female pickpocket groped two men and stole their wallets. This is DEFINITELY injustice for goodness sakes. You can't sexually harass/assault people. That's NOT right!

I have a few questions about this sad travel scam.

First of all, why did these men just allow that woman to grope their crotch? For goodness sakes, they should have hit her and told her not to do that! EVERYONE, whether male or female, has a right to use self-defense when they're in a violent situation and sexual assault is very violent as it's an EXTREME invasion of one's privacy!

Second of all, why did the second man just open up his arms to hug a woman who he DOESN'T even know? That woman was NOT looking for free hugs! She was just looking for free money! The second man just allowed the woman to grope him, like WTF! Why would anyone allow someone to sexually assault them?!

Third of all, did this woman get arrested and did those two poor men get their wallets back? I can't find any follow-ups on this sad travel scam.

This woman committed THREE crimes: scamming, robbing, and sexual assault. She DESERVES to go to jail because she crossed the boundaries and made these poor men look like fools by groping them and stealing their money without them being aware of it!

WHY can't people just respect other people's privacy and keep their hands to themselves? Like seriously, if you really feel tempted to grope someone, RUN AWAY from them ASAP because you don't want to give in to lust/temptation and sexually harass/assault someone. That's just not right!

If you really feel tempted to grope someone, watch porn and masturbate. It's definitely a lot better than sexually assaulting/sexually harassing people!
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9/9/2016 2:50:36 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
It is clear this kind of women grope in order to steal. I dont want to justify but men deserve it for not being cautious. This man of the video seems to enjoy the moment.