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Lifestyle Journalists

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1/6/2011 6:20:48 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
They whine on and on, don't they? Not lifestyle journalists - people in the Third World I mean.

"Oh no, our crops have all been destroyed by drought and we've got nothing to eat."

"Ooh, our village has been attacked by rebel forces who burnt our homes down and indiscriminately raped our womenfolk."

"Our only source of drinking water is five miles away and it's polluted with human effluent and our children have all contracted cholera."

They should remember the old saying: ‘there's always someone worse off than yourself.'

They should spare a thought for lifestyle journalists such as the FT Magazine's Charlotte Raven, for example, who recently alerted the world to the desperate humanitarian need of young women in the West when she wrote:

"For my generation of stressed-out working mothers, de-stressing has become a survival goal. Our need for lavender pillow sprays, relaxation CDs and upscale loungewear is urgent and immediate."

The people of the Third World should stop whinging about lack of food, water and shelter and, instead, go to their nearest department store, purchase lavender pillow sprays, relaxation CDs and upscale loungewear and send them to the FT Magazine for distribution to stressed-out lifestyle journalists.
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