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A Dream Like I've Never had Before

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6/10/2011 7:52:10 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Last night I had an experience that was both amazing and frightening.

I'm pretty sure it was caused due to a sudden change in my sleep pattern. I had been going to bed very late and waking up very late, to the point that I could almost be called nocturnal . Due to a camp trip, for a few days I was sleeping less and sleeping at completely different times.

The best way of describing what happened to me was essentially experiencing the most lucid dream I have ever had. I lucid dream almost every night but this was on an entirely new level.

Somehow it felt real yet I knew that I was dreamy very well. I felt so self-actualized that it shocked me. Through the whole dream I was having very clear thoughts like I never have while sleeping. Mostly, I was concerned with what I was dreaming and pondering the psychological reasons for why I would be dreaming them. Like in all my lucid dreams, I had complete control of my actions and often the laws of physics.

Then things went terribly wrong. There came a part in the dream where someone was torturing me, of which I won't go into detail. The pain was all real. I knew I was truly experiencing severe pain but I was also dreaming. I came to the conclusion that something must actually be happening to me in real life, I could even be doing it to myself. I needed to wake myself up before I was harmed.

When I tried to wake myself up, things became incredibly strange. I was no longer being tortured but I was somewhere else where nothing made sense. Everything was jumping around from one slip-second scene to another. All this was occurring from my intense attempt to focus on my actual body.

I was then overcome with a bizarre psychedelic feeling of having two bodies. I was still vividly dreaming and experiencing my dream body but I could also swear that I could feel myself lying in my bed at the same instance.

My efforts ultimately failed and I felt myself fall back deeply into my dream and it's absurd story-line continued.

All throughout this second part of my dream there was this extremely creepy male toddler that kept reappearing to me and doing something you wouldn't believe. He had a very small knife that he would stab into his stomach and when he brought it out it would be larger. He would do this repeatedly and end up with a pretty large knife that he then used to try and stab me. Each time he tried I could easily push him away without trouble and he wouldn't try again until he appeared randomly again later.

While these things were happening I kept asking myself "Why the fvck am I dreaming this?", "What was the point of that?", "My life is awesome right now, why would I have such a creepy dream?". I hadn't had an unpleasant dream in about a year or more.

After the toddler appeared to me a multitude of times I decided that there, in-fact, was no good reason I should be having a bad dream. I decided that this must be some sort of test to myself. I decided that the next time the toddler appeared I would let him stab me and show myself that I would be perfectly fine. The knife would surely disappear or something. Maybe the toddler would hug me instead.

As I expected him, he reappeared. He performed the bizarre ritual of growing the knife, just as he had before. This time I didn't push him away. The knife plunged into my chest. For a split-second I could feel the pain. I woke up. When it happened, I literal jumped from my bed, gasping. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with me, nothing harming me. I suppose my mind alone really was doing all that to itself.

So here's my question, DDO:

What the fvck?
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6/10/2011 8:32:34 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
I think you're taking this sleep thing a little too seriously.
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6/10/2011 9:18:47 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
I had a dream that was somewhat similar, but without the grotesqueries. I was pulling a typical all-nighter, I was anywhere from 18-20 years old. I was trying to fall asleep so I would get at least an hour or two of sleep before I had to get to work. Trying to make myself sleep was not working, and finally the clock got to just about an hour to work. At that point, it wasn't worth falling asleep so I decided to get up.

Of course, the instant I didn't WANT to fall asleep I went out like a light. I was like NO! I need to get up for work! So all of a sudden I was a few miles away, and I was like sh1t! and I started jogging towards my house. Then I realized what was happening, and was suddenly outside my window. I looked in, saw myself sleeping, and started banging on the window to wake myself up. Then it hit me... I was lucid dreaming. I decided to investigate while I had this rare advantage. I went to the side of the house, and opened a small compartment where the electric box would be. There was a note. I started squinting to see the writing, but as I kept approaching, the note kept going more and more out of focus.

I may have forgotten the next scene, but I'm pretty sure I just said to hell with it and appeared in my room next to myself and I woke up.

Lucid dreams are rare and special. Usually, as soon as I realize it I will begin to wake, unfortunately. I don't do it often, but if you are interested further, you can definitely prepare yourself for such events before you fall asleep. Just make a plan of having a lucid dream, and try to keep it in the back of your mind as you fall asleep (perhaps you can be more intensive about your preparation.

The movie "Waking Life" also gave me some pretty crazy dreams after I watched it.

You're right about pain BTW, people are so full of sh1t when they try to establish rules about what you can and cannot do in dreams. I was having a nightmare once and pinched myself to show myself I was dreaming - I couldn't feel pain so I knew I was in fact asleep. However, every time since, I will actually feel pain when I do it so this trick is no longer effective. I'm pretty sure that these tricks are only one-time deals at the most and your mind adapts to keep the wall strong between dream and reality. Whether this wall is healthy or not I do not know, but what your body does naturally usually does tend to be healthy.

Just this morning, in fact, I was dreaming I was playing minigolf and my left ring-toe kept hurting every time I put weight on it so I told the people I was with that I couldn't finish the game. I woke up to take a piss shortly after and felt my toe and there was no pain. However, when I actually got out of bed and put weight on it, there was indeed a sharp pain in the toe - but only sensitive with my weight on it! There was no way I could have stimulated the pain laying down... The pain stayed for the morning, but left later in the day. The mind does weird things.

In "Waking Life," they say one good way of realizing your dreaming is to approach a light-switch and flip it. They say your mind has difficulty projecting sudden changes in light level, so that's one good way, although like I said your mind will probably adapt to it so you may only get one shot with that trick.