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Thought I'll share my 'alien' experience.

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8/10/2011 7:48:45 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
I might of made a thread for this already, but there have been new people who have joined this site since, so I'll share it again since it is very interesting and it raises many questions. And another thing, I would like you guys to respond to this seriously - I'm sure you guys will.

I've been listening to a number of videos on Youtube, which are the popular radio show, Coast to Coast am. It is a good show with great information about UFO's 'aliens' and abductions along with other UFO related topics. Anyway, I have been recently motivated to tell this because of what I've been listening to.

Well over a year ago, maybe two years ago, I took a post card picture of the Mona Lisa from my brothers bedroom, it was an alien version of the Mona Lisa. I stuck it up in my bedroom and it was there for a year or so.

During the time it was hanging there I experience 3 strange nights.

The first experience I had was where I awoke at some point in the night with my feet in the position of were my pillow was and visa versa for my head. I remember vividly hearing a scream come from my right, which was in the direction of the post card. I repositioned myself head on pillow and went back to sleep.

I thought the scream was my mother since that was a rational explanation at the time. I asked my brother in the morning if he heard anything - he did not.

The next experience was a couple of months on. I got into bed and as I dozed off, not yet in a deep sleep I heard two screams one after the other. I, at the same time hearing the screams, that seemed to come from within my head, saw two figures that looked like demonic (demons) entities. The screams were more noticeable, but the vision was clear enough to make out an identity of the two entities. After this happened, I woke up from the light speed and thought it was odd, I was unsure of what to make of it. Same feels as the last experience. I went back to sleep.

The third experience was by far the most scary and frightening. On a Sunday evening just before I went to bed I removed the post card and placed it on my desk just below where it was. I went to sleep as I was fairly tired. At one point in the night (unsure of the time) I woke up enable to move, I could only move my eyes (some may consider that being the effect of sleep paralysis). To my left I witnessed what appeared to be a bulbous head shape, the figure looked to be about 4ft tall. The entity simply stood there, I felt that it was merely watching me struggling to break free of the paralysed state I was in. I couldn't speak words, but I could grown as if I had a tight piece of material rapped around my mouth. My bedroom had a evil feel to it. It was very uncomfortable and I felt frightened.

Once I was able to move again, there was no transitions from being enable to move to being able to move. I simply rolled onto my right side and went back to sleep. I did not want to look behind me for obvious reasons. I was scared to sleep with the light off for a week after the final experience happened.

Since then, I have thrown the post card away. I believe the post card was possessed by a demon. I tried burning the post card with a match, but it couldn't burn due to it's plastic seal. I haven't experience anything like those experiences since without known cause.

With known cause however, I have experienced something other spiritual.

I was listening to Coast to Coast am on Youtube, as I was I dozed off at the computer desk. That night I had a very, very vivid dream of me being down stairs at the computer desk. I was lingering about the desk, the computer was on and so was the lamp next to the computer. There was a unwelcome presence in the room in my dream. I wondered over to the mirror and I could see myself as I looked normally, I then wondered back over to the desk. Then I went towards the sitting room door that leads upstairs, as I did I remember attempting to shout out the name of Jesus. I couldn't I could only say Jes... I was enable to say the whole of Jesus' name. At this time the dream ended and I woke up very suddenly, I said Jesus and never before was I so grateful to do so. It was refreshing to say the name of Jesus. The dream, like I said was very vivid and it included the computer and an evil presence that didn't seem to like the name of Jesus.

Now I refuse to nod off when listening to any 'alien' radio show or any other kind of 'alien' involved media.

I have heard other similar experiences to mine, there is a video that speaks on this matter from a Christian perspective. Listen to all eight parts.

I would like to hear back from you guys on what you think of all this. Remember some keys points however:
1. The last of the three experience happened the night I took down the post card.
2. I no longer experience any unusual nights (excluding the vivid dream).
3. I never experienced such nights before the post card was on my wall.

Thank you for reading, thoughts?