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Can I get an answer or two?

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2/12/2013 11:56:19 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
(How to start off. I really hate starting because I can never seem to but my finish seems to be strong what ever it is. A little at a time I guess.) I will be honest everything around me seems trivial. Not trying to ignore anyone's problems by any means but going over a girl or boy, life, stupid people smart people, money, and even pointless non-progressive arguments like 360, PC, or PS3 just seem dumb and useless. Don't get me wrong I know some people find these amusing even entertaining to watch and see the outcome. In the end though where does it get us? Our view points don't drastically change or gain anything from it. Again I realize it can be fun and I don't want to bash that. Am I just trivial for thinking so and don't want to be? I am fifteen going on sixteen and fairly ignorant for what I am capable of. Housed, fed, and even put into a very good school. You could say I'm spoiled but I'd have to agree yet disagree with that. I think farther than most teenagers bother and I have felt and talked about more than they seem to be able to comprehend. I do not mean to sound cocky nor experienced just what info that's been gathered by me. I will try to give an example. What does the usual teen boy and girl think about that goes to High school? Well they think about what others think of them. How well they are doing with their parents. What they can be doing to better themselves or a relationship with someone. Last of all their clothes/fashion. (these are the most common things I can think of.) First.)I could care less how others think about me. I could be called any name under the sun and I'd reply back in stride. whether by stupid boy instinctive pride or being snide I would do it. Second.) I know what my Dad is feeling, I know he isn't in the best situation having to care for a kid alone and without help and I try to help where I can. Third.) I am naturally shy and a little stupid when it comes to relationships and friends with strangers because I think the worse possible outcome. Fourth.) Clothes are what is bought for me and what I feel that day. If I feel like comfy that's what I aim for or if I feel like being expressive I wear a bright shirt. No idea what you're going to get from all that but hopefully it's shed a little bit more light on the situation. I'd love to do something like this in the future but for now I need you to read this long thread of words chained together. Hope you have as much fun with the concept about YOURSELF as much as I did (as selfish as that sounds.)