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Just another mans story.

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7/25/2013 12:45:18 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I've seen a few users post their story here on DDO, so I thought I would do the same. Read it or not it makes no difference to me.

My name is Dustin and I am 19 years old. Every story starts from the beginning so I guess thats where I should begin. I was born here in North Carolina, to two wonderful parents. they will do anything for me and over the years our needs have always been met and for that I am very thankful. I was born in November, four months early of my actual arrival time. The doctors told my parents that if I where to be born early that I would have no arms or legs, some of my organs would be exposed and my skin would be so delicate you could see through it. My parents had been asked if they wished to have an abortion, they politely declined. I was born wighing approxamitly 1 1/2 pounds. I had a minor brain hemorage on the left side of my brain. My parents where told if it didn't re-absorb then stents would have to be put in, but if it did I would be left with basicly no issues. The brain hemorage left me with minor Static Cerebral Palsy on my right side. I spent three months in an NICU incubator. My mother as given steroids so that my lungs would fully develope. I was also diagnosed with Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)of the eyes as well. My parents for three months of their lives worked full hour days at their jobs then would come to the hospital to see me. I stoped breathing a few times in the hospital and atleast once at home that I am aware of, my mother flicked my heels to get me to breathe again as she was told. My parents did everyting right to ensure that i was born healthy, but the Lord didn't see it that way and it is by his hand that I am alive today.


Static CP:

I am very thankful to be the individual I am today, without such great parents and family around me I wouldn't be here today. I had the privilage to go to a magnet high school, where I attended all four years of my highschool career. But middle school where my darkest of days as for many other people as well. I got picked on and made fun of for a lot of different reasons. So when I heard about this highsschool magnet school I saw it as a very good opportunity to go to a school where i wouldn't be made fun of.

The heardest part of my life had to have been losing my mothers parents. My grandfather lost his second battle of colon cancer in the summer of 2008 and my grandmother died exactly four months later. I began to walk away from the Lord, I went to church taking up another mans pue space. I didn't care, then the bible was just another book to me. The words contained within its pages just like the words in any other book. But then everything changed fir me one evening on a mission trip to a rown called Bryson City up in the mountains of North Carolina. I began to give my testimony infront of the mission team full of strangera I was now a part of. We had just joined Mountain Springs Baptist church a few months prior to that moment. I looked up and saw everyone in the room with tears in their faces, I told them the same story I,m telling all of you today. Ever scince that moment things have changed in my life. No longer is the bible just another book to me, it is the Word of God. I read it everyday, knowing the bettewr I know my sword the more effective I am with it.

This year I went on that same mission trip once again back to Bryson City North Carolina. I again saw how the Lord can use me and many others. We worked with a small church in the mountains helping them put on their first vacation bible school in years. New Savanna Baptist Church. I stood up there that Sunday morning, our first full day there telling those that had came to church that morning the same story i'm telling you in a mere few minutes. St the end of the service I came up to see a mother anbd her 15 year old daughter both with tears in their eyes crying. They told me that they had been touched by my story, the mother told me her daughter was born three months pre-mature and the doctors had told them the same that their daughter would have no arms or legs and her skin would be transparent. I am thankful that the Lord can use anyone to glorify his wonderful kingdom.

I am now going to attend a local community college in the Fall for my Associates degree in Political Science. Thsnkyou for reading my story and I hope you have a very blessed day. God Bless.

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7/25/2013 1:17:15 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
That was indeed touching my man, though that said, I still feel inclined towards discouraging organized religion for the atrocities that are born of its misuse, and to encouraging people figure themselves out through each other. Let it be the word of man, but the man you would be - is this any less of a statement than to say it is of God? I don't think so, in fact, I think it is a greater statement. I would not imagine God wants us as pets ;)