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9/30/2013 2:13:14 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Hey , I'm XDToasty. Don't remember me yet? for those who've been here a long time I'm also the guy who started that sex forum that no one believed then more people started to make sex forums. also some of you hate me. I haven't been on here much because I forgot the XD Toasty Email and password. well I'm back because I have personal sh!t to talk about like everyone else. Well I screwed up. My girlfriend got pregnant and our baby daughter was born on July 22nd. Now I'm 17 , a girlfriend and baby to take care of , job to work , G.E.D to get and soon have to move out my mothers house. PATHETIC right? that's what I think of myself every living second. I feel like trailer park trash even though I'm latino. I screwed up. what the hell do I do? I'm living with my mom and the only reason I work is because she lets me use her car to get to work. My job? it's working at a news paper factory. It's 20 minutes away and I have to go at 1 a.m. If I move out I loose the only job I have. do any of you have any advice at all for me? PLEASE NOTE: rude comments at this point can only do good for me. I feel like I need to hear it like it'll help.