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My posting paradigm/methodology

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2/3/2014 6:59:20 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I started thinking when I signed on this morning about how I post/respond to stuff in the forums, and how that's changed in the past few months. I think it was an insightful exercise in self reflection.

Previously, whenever anything interested me and I thought I had anything somewhat worthwhile to say, I posted on it. That's how, I think, I racked up this five-figure post-tally without playing mafia.

Now, I only post in response to threads when I see something that interests me, which I think I have something meaningful to say on, and a few other criteria:

1. I've got to be able to predict that interest/enjoyment from any likely discussion of the topic will outweigh any frustration that might come from trolls, idiots or the nonsense that comes from the now lengthy list of people who hate me on DDO.

2. I've got to guess that there is at least some chance of someone whose opinion I'm interested in will be likely to contribute. (This has increased since Bladerunner is back.)

3. I want the conversation to at least have good potential to be productive.

4. The fact:bullsh!t ratio has to be balanced to my satisfaction.

There are a few exceptions, though:

1. I really do enjoy asking people questions about what they think and hearing other people's perspectives, but I've also found that I'm more likely to do that via PM than in the open forums. I still might, however, do it in the open forums and not actively contribute any opinions to the discussion.

2. There are times I enjoy trolling, such that when I'm in a trolling mood (like I am with Badger, at least most of the time) I really take a very high deal of pleasure in doing it. I'm 'somewhat' ashamed to admit that, but only somewhat.

3. I'll go "all out" for a select few topics. I'm not really inclined to say what they are, but I'm sure that at least Airmax, Thett and Bsh1 can figure them out. (Don't post them here, guys.... lol.) If it's one of those, all's fair.