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good = -(evil)

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3/12/2014 11:11:46 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Good and evil exist only as attributes of people. It is not defined to speak about morality without it being related to the actions of a person.

Evil arises out of the mind's inability to single out the inherent bias that all intelligent beings possess. We naturally think of ourselves first, and that natural impetus is combined with our creative desires. The artificial is our creation to deliver on these desires, and while most all of our progress is arguably of positive value to society, it is not arguable that it is paved with the selfish desires of those who seek only to secure their own interests.

Our desire to secure our interests creates a foundation for our social beliefs. What's "good" for society, in our eyes, is what is best for ourselves, with perhaps some but certainly less consideration for others' welfare.

The state of being good can be achieved only by identifying and eliminated the impetus of bias within us. One easy test of goodness is to apply Kant's Categorical Imperative: act in a way that, if repeated by anybody or everybody else, would not be unjust to the privileges of others.