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Best Girndr conversation ever

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3/14/2014 10:45:51 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Conversation between me, and cute 20 year old headless torso:

him: hey

me: Hi

him: what's up?

me: lol seeing what's out in the world, but really just watching a movie. How's it going?

him: got a pic?

me: that depends. how old are you?

him: 20

me: sweet. I've got a pic if you do.

him: I do after you.

me: lol

me: your picture is cute enough but I want to see your face

him: I know the feeling

me: it's cool. you're not so hot that I'm going to loose any sleep over not hooking up with you.

him: I'm not going to send first. So if that's a problem I'm just going to go.

me: well I might if I get to know you

him: I'll pass

me: ok

me: you're just looking to hook up, right?

him: I'm not interested in wasting time

me: So what's your goal for tonight then?

him: to get married in Vegas

me: now who's wasting time. But seriously, do you just want to fvck?

him: I told you I can go.

me: so are you the hosting or traveling type?

him: I'm not answering a question until I get a pic.

me: lol that doesn't work for me, but your persistence is kind of adorable though.

him: ok

me: top or bottom? [as if I didn't already know. This is a closeted frat boy who wants a stronger guy to nail him. his type is so predictable.]

him: look who want's a hook up

me: What guy doesn't? haha

him: and bye

me: haha ok


This is how closeted "bro's" act when they get on grindr. They think they're god's gift to man, when in reality most of them are between 5's and 6's at best. I'm not saying I'm the best looking guy ever, but this guy, though kind of cute to the extent that I could tell, was as thirsty as he was repressed.

The brooks brothers shirt was a nice touch too... haha

I kind of wish he wasn't such a douche, though. But frat boys almost always are.
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3/22/2014 9:24:32 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
poor closeted broseph.
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3/23/2014 10:46:52 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
What is "best" about this?
: At 5/13/2014 7:05:20 PM, Crescendo wrote:
: The difference is that the gay movement is currently pushing their will on Churches, as shown in the link to gay marriage in Denmark. Meanwhile, the Inquisition ended several centuries ago.
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3/23/2014 4:58:29 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 3/23/2014 11:16:45 AM, bsh1 wrote:
At 3/23/2014 10:46:52 AM, Noumena wrote:
What is "best" about this?

I was being sarcastic... there's nothing really "best" about it, I just thought it was funny.