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How do you feel about this? Should I do it?

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4/22/2014 1:30:49 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
You've heard it was for nerds, freaks, and all the other assorted BS; but fanfiction is still writing and we all know that's good. I've read some brilliant fanfics before that were able to give mere cartoons a whole new sense of meaning. If you watched Ed, Edd, n Eddy as a kid, you know how ridiculous it was at times. Well, this fanfic totally reinvented it for me and I consider it to be a pretty damn good piece of literature:

The first few chapters are happy, but have a sense of gloom lurking in the distance.. The story itself is pretty tragic especially when compared to the show.

Obviously, you're only going to understand it completely if you watched the show as a kid, but it demonstrates how ordinary people can turn a cartoon like that into a superb story. It's still creative writing.

Do you think I should sign up for the site? If I do, I'll use my DDO username. That way if you're ever ther you'll know it was my work. =D
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