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That sort it drives me andtrying

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10/28/2014 4:44:25 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Got most the collection in yesterday and this is white is this is what it looks like in the jar and I my recent get ready with me is actually using this I shall installing bat down below it is so pretty it's like a total grayish Tope great brownish toe but has some green any and the green really shows up arm in the sunlight cell so pretty and last may comprise hot is eyelashes I've been so and eyelashes this month literally I don't I haven't got a day in mind to awake and a half without just wearing mascara way noxious I was every day when I wear makeup my favorites are the ones I'm wearing right now and I think I should probably invest income other brands that you can only getWalmart because I really love the salon perfect lashes because I don't have to trim them they fit perfectly to my eye shape where I sum up the Argyle ones I"ve tried their way too long and I have to cut them and sometimes and that cutting them too short so the ones I'm going to have the salon perfect 62 black and what's funny is that these eyelashes were my least favorite when I bought them like hill why would I wear ..