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Many thanks to...

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11/22/2014 5:19:55 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
...9space, TN05, 18Karl, Pfalcon, and kbub for coping with my terrible habit of forfeiting debates and then begging you to cancel & redo them, rather than handing me all the losses I deserve :/

Due to the fact that I have to keep my use of DDO a secret from my parents, and the fact that my parents are *extremely* vigilant, I often end up with very limited amounts of time to write my debates arguments, sometimes resulting in forfeits on my part. Fortunately, all of my opponents who I've done this against so far have been very gracious, and, again, I am sincerely thankful to them for that.

I have resolved to make all of my debates 5-rounders from now on so that even if I happen forfeit a round, they can still continue along (most of my debates have a 4-round format anyways). Hopefully with this new approach, I can avoid having to add anyone else to that list up there.

Also, apologies to Airmax for all the debate deletion requests XD