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Crazy story idea.

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3/8/2015 9:02:20 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
So I just came up with a crazy idea for a story and I wanted to see what you guys think.
Before you read this, please be aware i just came up with this like 5 minutes ago so there will be lots of plot holes.

So basically there's a kid. And one day he's outside and a spaceship comes out of nowhere, crashes and kills a lot of people. He grows up and gets involved in the military. Eventually he finds out it was a ship from the future. He is then sent back in time (by a group of scientists) to stop the ship from killing all those people. But it goes wrong and he becomes the guy piloting the ship that crashes. He survives and realizes what happens. He tries to fix this by becoming one of the scientists on the team that sent him back in time in the first place in order to try and stop it.

So essentially one character plays the protagonist, antagonist and a supporting character all in the same story.