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A little note from Annie

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3/14/2015 4:08:21 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I was feeling reflective and wrote this for a different thread [], but then got carried away, so I decided to post it here instead.

Dear DDO,

I'm not going to bother making a serious post with lots of names, because I'll forget someone surely and feel bad afterwards.

Firstly, a mentor doesn't have to be someone who teaches you something in a book-sense, but it could also be something about life, about your personality. A role model is someone who you look up to, and aspire to be like.

Thus, there are many, many members on this site who I would love to be like, as everyone has desirable characteristics! There are the members who debate- and are great at it- or even the ones who debate just for the pure love and passion of it! Even the noob-snipers and rappers!

Also, there are the members who play mafia, and while they're not always good- always have a fun time in the game- or make it fun for themselves. For instance, NK'ing the same player every NP1 consecutively, or day-vigging someone.

Then, there are the members who write fanfics. Their creativity and amazing ability to weave words into beautiful masterpieces will always remain one of my favourite parts of DDO, though I lack time at the moment to read them.

Furthermore, on the topic of masterpieces- there are the musicians, artists and artistes. Hold your passions and talents in high regards my friends, and don't let anyone put you down. If you wanna sing, sing! Do what you love because you love it, not because anyone else wants you to.

Additionally, there are the members who just PM one another, for the socializing part of DDO. Those members always message one another to make sure people are having a good day, or to make someone smile, and there's this actual affection and genuineness that's reminiscent in it, that you can't help but be fond of them.

Penultimately, there are the members who lay low, who lurk. These members, I'm somewhat envious of. Their skill to remain a 'ninja' and not comment on things are pretty amazing. The fact that they abstain from call-out threads, and flame-wars are note-worthy.

Finally, there's the hangouts crew. I'll never forget last year when my results were coming out and a group of you guys stayed in the hangout with me to calm me down. You are great people.

I used to believe that friends over the internet were all just catfishes, but you guys proved me wrong. There are many of you I'd love to meet in real life, and one day, maybe we shall. Maybe I'll be lining up to get your novels signed, or visiting your doctor's office, or watching you on television as you go up for elections, or even just pass you on the street.

A little advice to you all- be you. Follow your hearts, and dreams and never give up. Do things out of kindness, and don't expect anything in return. Look forward to anything in the next day. If your day isn't going well, make it a good one. Put on a tune, and dance, go make a dish. Spread a smile- you have no idea what a simple smile can do for someone, who's having a bad day. Remember all those times when you were sad- and channel them into good deeds for others, so no one else will have to feel like that, if you can do anything about it. This is my dream, and I would love if you all could help me live it out.

I've learnt a lot on DDO- especially about people, and I never want to forget you guys. You've *all* impacted me in some way, and made a mark on me, and for that I will always hold you in my deepest memories. You'll always be my DDOrks <3

~ <3 Annie
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3/17/2015 4:11:13 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 3/14/2015 4:08:21 PM, ESocialBookworm wrote:
Well wishes.
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