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Why love's a dangerous drug

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4/21/2015 10:38:49 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
There's Meth, Crack, Weed, Heroin and then there's love. Most don't realize that obsessive love is also very addictive and dangerous. I've taken it by interacting with girls and it feels i'm on top of the world. I get high off of mushy feelings and have an ego boost. I hallucinate and get very paranoid. I must have it every second as if my life depended on it and if i don't, anxiety controls my life. I'll abuse those around me. I'll resort to stalking as i get impatient and restless. When i get nauseous, i won't eat. I'm hopelessly trapped in obsessive behavior. I get very aggressive and violent especially when it comes to male rivals cuz I feel the need to dominate. I may even attack girls at full force to regain control. If a girl further interacts with me, it will only get worse. When i withdraw, i get very agitated, crazy, hysterical, angry, desperate, sad, afraid, aggressive, etc.

In short, love makes me lose control of who i am. It's very scary and love like any drug can make you do crazy things. You don't love anyone, your addicted to the substance you made. Sometimes i need to be restrained to prevent harm. Physical drugs are easier cuz you can take them away, but love is very hard to cure cuz it's in you. People will lie, cheat, flirt, kill, and die for it.