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Ever had a fight in church?

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4/21/2015 10:41:04 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Just wondering if you've ever seen, had, or thought about fighting in church. It seems like that's very rare.

Honestly, as a young crazy teen i almost did. I was very angry at God so i had this very violent stare at the pastor as he was preaching. He looked very nervous and cautious around me. One more word and I would've jumped out of my seat to tackle him then start beating/choking him.

I was angry that God stood back as injustice happened, so i'd pass judgment myself. If i heard of any Christian (didn't matter if it was a friend) misrepresent Jesus, i'd plan out my attacks. Like in youth group, i'd plan to take a steel chair and bash someone in the head then swing wildly. If the deacons rushed in, i'd hit em with the chair too and keep attacking. I'd probably get beaten up but i'd come back armed and get em back.