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Words Christians should NEVER say

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4/22/2015 11:38:54 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
These are things that you should NEVER say.

1. "I hate you" - Hate is worse than a curse word. Hate is poison. Hate is a dangerous power. Hate is a force for destruction. To say "I hate you" is like killing someone. I said it to my sister once in an argument and i felt her pain as she fell in silence. Whatever bad thing she did didn't matter anymore cuz i crossed the line. Depression filled the room and it felt like she wanted to cry. It filled both of us with emptiness and years later, she asked me "Do you love me?" cuz she never forgot that day. I've been so full of regret that i vowed never to say that again to anyone.

I don't care how angry you are with the person or what they did to you. I don't even say that to my enemies. You are better off erasing that from your vocabulary.

2. "Burn in hell" - Hell is a place with no hope, no salvation, no peace, no good, etc. Only eternal suffering. No one has done so much wrong that they deserve to go there just because YOU feel they do. Hell is a place of eternal torment where there is NO CHANCE of salvation. Who are you to judge who goes to hell and who doesn't? Let God do that.

I vowed that i would never kill anyone cuz i don't want people to suffer in hell. No matter what they did to me, i commit myself to not take a life.