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Who the true God is

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4/22/2015 11:46:02 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Had a friend ask me about the one true God which inspired me to write this post.

With that in mind, i can relate to those who are lost. Those who are struggling to find the one true God. Those who fear dying without ever finding the Truth. Those who fear following a false religion so i've decided to search for the Truth. I've considered the sacramental rituals of Catholicism, Mormonism, and the possibility that High Selassie is God. I've reflected on the teachings of the Buddha, Hinduism, Shintoism, Taosim, etc. I listened to the Islamic call to prayer and read the Koran trying to find peace in my soul. I believed that all religions led to the same Truth but i was lost. I've even believed that God supports violence towards unbelievers. I thought of starting my own religion. At one point, i almost converted to Islam but my mom told me "Son, i can see that your interested in other religions, but i simply want to share with you what i believe. The Bible says whoever believes in Jesus shall not perish but have eternal life. You are free to choose whatever path you wish...but follow your heart wherever it leads you.." Shortly after, i realized Jesus was the only way to heaven and i was convinced he was the only true God.

Morale of the story: Seek the Truth with all your heart and never give up. You may not understand God but he will never abandon those who are willing to devote their lives to him.