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Just like us

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5/14/2015 1:02:46 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Hey everyone I wrote this poem for a poetry contest want to know what you all t

People with mental disabilities are just like us.

So why do people make a fus.

They find it necessary to bring these individuals down.

To judge them, making them frown.

But to be real, they're people too.

Others need to get this clue.

They can cook, and clean and even drive.

Most of these individuals try to thrive.

To be accepted and treated fair.

Not badly with out a care.

Some of society simply doesn't understand.

That all walks of life inhabit this land.

They may be slow at times.

But is that so much of a crime?

These individuals really do try their best.

Just to be like the rest.

They accept all.

And never, make a judgement call.

So perhaps the ones that make fun.

Are the real ones we should shun.

All should stand up and fight.

For everyone deserves to be treated right.

Let's stop making their lives rough

They're just like us, enough is enough
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5/15/2015 1:43:33 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
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