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My XCreateDebate story.

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7/10/2015 9:36:27 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
User 1 who runs that site banned me while allowing the following abusers to stay: Abuser 1 said that i deserve to be raped, called me a rapist, made fun of me for being raped, falsely accused me of being a Satanic animal killer, threatened to file false police charges, and harassed me on two different websites, yet I was banned while he stayed. Abuser 2 threatened to rape me and my mother, and kill my entire family, yet law enforcement was not notified. Abuser 3 Made fun of me, and used 15 accounts to stalk me, yet I was banned while he stayed. abuser 4 also stalked me with multiple accounts while he stayed. One of these abusers made an account pretending to be me, and said falsely that I love rape, yrt I was banned while he or she stayed. I was the one who was banned, while he stayed. The conclusion: CreateDebate is a reich wing run teahadi conservatuve website that wrongly pretends to be about free speech, allows abuse, and censors liberals.