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Various types of dress styles: the young girl

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8/7/2015 1:52:04 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
The dress is the general term for a species is that people, especially young girls like one summer. Dress in a variety of styles known modeling "style queen", it is unpredictable, most species, the most popular style.
Depending wearing objects, you may have children dress and adult dress . Various factors on the jacket and skirt body can change almost constitute dress style can be combined. Dresses also required shape to form a variety of different contours and lumbar section location.

Fitting dress can bring the girls, female body, especially for relatively tall girls kind of mini-stretching effect becomes high.
Dress clothing name, also known as "dresses", "Blazy" (Blazy is the Russian transliteration of Chinese). This is a shirt-style jacket and a skirt connected to various types of conjoined clothing styles. Wide range of styles, there are long-sleeved, short-sleeved, collared and collarless style type variety of styles change.

Dress types, including low-waist type (waist position below the waist line), waist type (waist position in the waist line above) and standard; for clothes and Vintage Dresses connected just in the body waist, so the garment industry, commonly known it as "waist skirt section." Because the level of moderate, attractive appearance, beauty, suitable for all levels of women's wear.
In even waist type including shirts type, tight type, with the Princess line (there is from the shoulder to the hem of vertical broken stitching) and tents (direct from the top to start easing) and the like.
Low waist waist position then press clothes length ratio may be, if Sexy Dresses is flared, pleated shape shaped or pumping margin, larger hem.
Waist-connection location skirt waist above the waist-line. Most of the shape waist, wide swing. This dress is also called (Napoleonic) Empire dresses.
Standard connection waist position finest parts of the body.

Simply type personal type than the straight but also tight, fit the Chiffon Dresses. Skirt side seam is a natural falling straight.

Use with princess line from shoulder to hem vertical broken sutures, reflecting curvy dress, which emphasizes the waist, wide swing. Like a princess line and knife line, so that the longitudinal suture breaking into easy fit body, but also easy to create like the shape and dimension.
Tent type have extended from the upper portion of the shape to start easing, there are extended toward the hem of shape from the chest.