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Who does not belong to you fall?

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9/14/2015 7:44:33 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Dresses mentioned, many people feel it is summer single product, in fact, in the autumn, dress will have their own unique style. Or sweet, or European and American big, or vigor, or elegant lady, or sexy charm, or extreme simplicity, to witness its amazing charm, pick one for you it ~

1. Beautiful, not for others, only to live up to their own. Elegant and refined printing plus pan slightly bright new fabrics to create European-style aristocratic range of children. In the cool autumn, and then put on a leather jacket and long sections, enjoy the show your unique style.

2. Do not humble, do not hide, my beauty, we should profile, it is necessary publicity, we must tell the world. Bright Chinese red, is a passionate lover friends, is their beautiful sexy interpretation. Coupled with the high-end retro embroidered openwork, it is my most correct choice.

3. "You are my little ah small apple, how you do not love too much" to see a big round apple bite could not go up, it tastes so sweet, printed on the dress is so sweet . The sweet waist Fall Dresses is very suitable for petite girls, in the cooler morning and evening time, propose to put on a short section of small jacket Oh ~

4. Smooth vertical and horizontal board Check, never left the show designer T station and whimsy. Plaid is a lovely medium-sized tender sweet Fan children, showing simple outspoken personality, plus pinch pleated waist, more self-cultivation was thin, wear S-type good shape.

5. All the past things will be a new beginning. Retro is a belief, retro is a nostalgic, retro is a way of life, but also a fashion statement. A word retro print dress, exudes a unique elegance, noble goddess Fan children.

6. In the autumn the street, we often see a lot of crush is wearing dress and matching coat. I never thought that one day, Lace Dresses and coat will fit. Between windbreaker style, neutral navy, inadvertently reveals the unique sense of casual chic.

7. Seemingly stripes, but not the stripes, irregular black and white and white, seemingly careless casual blank, faint blue and purple if there seems to be no, what are you telling? It is indifferent Ming landscape, or free imagination of the sky, or will a mysterious vast space