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debater as reader

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9/18/2015 3:09:57 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
this topic i want to write for a very long time. i have read many debate topics but this particular issue has not been touched by anyone. how a debater should prepare himself on the subject before debate ? debater has to read extensively on the subject of debate before sending argument. but how he would read ? would he read according to his position ? or would he read just one book or many books ? would he read just one point of view that he supports or the opposition's view as well ? these are the questions i am going to answer in this post.

debater must read extensively. he must read both his point of view and his opposition's point of view . because only then he would see what argument his opponent is going to place and what reply would be best reply. the debater must know the sources of argument. the sources are 16 in number according to cicero :

1. Argument from definition.
2. Argument from partition.
3. Argument based on etymology.
4. Argument based on conjugates.
5. Argument derived from genus.
6. Argument derived from species.
7. Argument based on similarity or analogy.
8. Argument based on difference.
9. Argument from contraries.
10. Argument from adjuncts.
11. Argument from antecedents.
12. Argument from consequents.
13. Argument from contradictions.
14. Argument from efficient cause.
15. Argument from effects.
16. Argument from comparison.

the debater in his study of subject should pay attention to these sources so that he can procure argument for his debate. also he must search for evidence in support of his/her arguments.

sometimes it will be better to keep a diary of arguments before debate. also it will be better to know when to use what argument.