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Discussion on "Should incest be legalized?"

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11/13/2015 11:15:00 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
If it should be then, what are your supporting facts/information and viewpoints on what should be done as countermeasures against impaired children if any at all?

If you think it should stay illegal, then what are your supporting facts/information and viewpoints on making sure no one does it?

I think it should be legal in a homosexual way until science progresses to eliminate all genetic impurities then it should be legal for every human at the very least.

My reasons ::

The Religious Standpoint ::

Adam and Eve were the first 2 near perfect beings on the planet they (Eve via cloning of sorts then a manipulation of genes) and their children populated the world through incest.

Noah, his wife, their 3 sons and their wives repopulated the world after the flood. The wives of the sons had to be cousins in close biological relations to the Noah family branch otherwise like so many others they too would have died in said flood because of family upbringing making the family not believe the flood was actually coming. Then they were told by the higher-being (God, Allah, etc) that they were not to reproduce with close relatives more than likely meaning that the brothers and sisters of one of the Noah sons (no matter which one) where not allowed to reproduce instead they could reproduce with their first cousins and anything after the first cousin level. Still they were committing incest on some level before and after the flood.

The Scientific Standpoint ::

There are many viewpoints on this mainly everything refers back to the beginning of the world in which particles however small animated themselves with other particles thus forming the first cell over a long period of time. What is unclear is how many of these cells were formed after the first cell through the exact same process and or different processes then reproduced, or if the first cell just split in two and reproduced through incest means. View the Social standpoint for some more information on this matter.

The Social Standpoint ::

Incest to create offspring and or incest that could in-turn create a family tree that loops upon itself such as my sister is my mother and or my brother is my dad as an example is scientifically, religiously and genetically wrong and should never be done. This is due to creating offspring or having the potential to create offspring that could be deformed in such a way that the family line ceases to exist and or creating an infinite loop that creates offspring that are shunned from the society in which they live thus also making a family line extinct in a way.

My Standpoint ::

Based on all of this information, excluding any (including "The Almighty") homophobic that say it is wrong to be intimate with the same sex, where is the logical reasoning that says same sex incest should not be allowed with consenting individuals? There are some who say the power that one could hold over the other is why its is wrong, for instance a father and son or mother and daughter the child of the parent could or would feel like it is their duty to do as the parent says, but I say, power wise, how is that different from certain forms of BDSM? Which brings into account "Free Will", if the person(s) do not wish to do such an act they can just say no and if they are forced they can report it as a form rape then the "justice" system will take care of it. I say if both parties are completely willing to do such an act then why not let them do so legally?

I do understand, that from genetic viewpoint, incest between the opposite sex can be fatal or have negative effects upon the child conceived, accident or not, but that is at most a 50/50 chance for the first generation. If the male and or female of such a relationship do wish to get married and or have sex then it is my firm belief that they should be able to, though I must admit knowingly conceiving a child who has a higher risk of impurities in today's world where people judge mainly on what they see on the outside is wrong. So instead, what about letting the willing persons take care of their firing squads (sperm/eggs (either the man or woman should suffice)) before they can do such things legally? At the same time if the government were to do that then for sake of equality they would also have to do something about genetically passed impurities of everyone else. As to that I believe the reason incest is still illegal is because for the sake of equality they cannot legalize it and still expect socially normal results from a man and woman pair.

On a side note I was going to make a poll on this subject but it did not want to work for me so lets just have one big open discussion of opinions. I have done some research into the subject I am no expert by any means so there may be some flaws and mishaps. This is just my opinion though.

No flaming etc please.