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Why is my Kid being taught handstands are ok

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12/13/2015 1:55:16 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Why is my kid being taught handstands are ok ?

Look, it's a biologically fact that feet are for walking, hands are for grabbing.

Clearly people who feel an attraction to do such unnatural things need our help, but that doesn't mean we should teach the lie that such acts are anything but unnatural perversions of a biological abnormality.

I don't care what people do in their own house, but when walking down the street with my kid, I shouldn't have to explain why Tim and Jimmy from the permanent bachelors alliance are walking with their hands and not their feet. Also I think the gay sex doesn't help either.

Speaking of natures heads, what is up with that ?

Coming soon...........Red heads, once again I have spotted an abnormality in nature lets add that to the list.

1) Platyapuss
2) Hand stands
3) Red heads

In nature some things are natural but also existing in nature are things that are not natural. But how do we tell which natural things are natural or unnatural ? What is the consistent underlying reasoning to make such distinctions ? Well...........I think you ask to many questions.
"Seems like another attempt to insert God into areas our knowledge has yet to penetrate. You figure God would be bigger than the gaps of our ignorance." Drafterman 19/5/12