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Me; An Analytic on the Shore of the Continent

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9/5/2016 2:58:26 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Dipping one's pen in poison leads, not to a sudden death, but to an overflowing of life.

Philosophers are divided along the lines of analytics and continentals. This division is not valid for this reason: only analytics do philosophy at all.

One must not try to get beyond good and evil; the aim to transcend is flawed. Overcoming will never be achieved by keeping good and evil even as guideposts to overcome.

Truth, to be reached, must be scoffed at. No, not truth, but the absurdity of having to reach it at all. The endeavour is flawed.

The light is turned off when one is done with it; no consideration is had for when it will be needed next.

The philosopher is often confronted with a key that, before insertion, matches the lock; it is only when he goes to turn it that it shifts.
I would prefer not to.