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Do psychopaths know they are crazy?

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11/9/2016 8:06:38 PM
Posted: 4 weeks ago
Do the crazy lunatics, serial killers, whacked out insane people know they are crazy or they believe they are normal like everyone else.

Did Son of Sam or Jeffrey Dahmer know they were crazy, what about Ed Gein when he used his victims skin to make clothes and skulls for ashtrays. Do these people know they are sick or are they completely oblivious to it and just get by saying this is how I am and go about their days like everyone else, going to work and just functioning in society?

I don't know
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11/12/2016 8:15:52 PM
Posted: 3 weeks ago
Many of them don't. Psychopathy is marked by delusion. Unless one actually believes their own delusions or hallucinations or whatever, they aren't really psychopaths. If you do some reading on various kinds of psychopathy, like paranoid schizophrenia, you find that one of the major obstacles to these people getting treatment is just convincing them that their phsychosis isn't real. Most of them recognize that SOMETHING is wrong with them, but they tend to misdiagnose their problem.

I'm just basing them on my own reading. I'm no expert.
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