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Fiat Government

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9/20/2011 7:56:33 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Is fiat government better than a government that revolves around persuasion? If the goal of a government is to allow you to reach you maximum potential and achieve a better life for yourself then the best thing you can do is have the ability to be able to think for yourself. At a glance you would think that a government of persuasion would be best for this, but I disagree. If you really think about it, you know what you know because someone told you, so in order to learn about the world you watch the new, you are persuaded by the news station on the situation and almost mindlessly agree with them. In a government run by force, you question everything that you are made to do, you are constantly ask yourself, why am I doing this, thus making you open minded by not giving you freedom of choice. Just an interesting thought that occurred to be.