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Physical Form And Qualities

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11/24/2011 11:02:08 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
(Message of Shri Datta Swami)

Energy is inert. Energy appears as matter and awareness, which are its different forms. Beauty is a property of matter. The face of a girl is made of matter. Beauty is the form of matter. Apart from beauty, you are also seeing the shining on her face, which is light. Apart from matter and awareness, energy exists in the form of light, heat, sound, electricity etc also.

You are more attracted to her internal personality also, which consists of beautiful qualities like love, generosity, wisdom, obedience etc. Any quality, good or bad, is a form of awareness.

Thus energy in the form of matter, awareness and other forms like light in the shining, sound in the sweet voice etc. attracts you a lot. But, when the girl becomes old, the facial form changes due to reduction in matter. The shining disappears due to the lack of matter that radiates. When the girl dies, the face is totally converted into atoms and the light is mixed in the sea of universal energy. The form of the matter called as beauty is also totally disappearing because the cause disintegrates. The pot disappears, when the mud particles separate. This proves that the beauty is unreal like the pot. Reality is always eternal. These atoms are converted into energy at the end when the universe is destroyed. Now the point is that you are no more attracted to the atoms or to the final form of energy. The eternal reality does not attract you. Only the unreal form attracts you. The same face in its original form as matter or energy, which is the real essence does not attract you. The unreal form that is based on the matter or energy attracts you.

Similarly the qualities are attracting you as the internal personality. The qualities whether good or bad are the waves of awareness. The water is reality but the wave, which is a form of water, is unreal. When the qualities subside and pure-standstill awareness results like standstill water, you are not attracted by the pure unvibrated lump of awareness (suddha chit). A coma patient without any feeling and a person in deep sleep are examples of existence of life energy, which is inert energy only. A person in meditation or a child without feelings is example of pure awareness without qualities. You are not attracted to such pure awareness because the qualities are absent (Nirguna). This is Brahman of Advaita philosophers! This awareness is also basically inert energy only.

Thus the lump of matter by some unreal from (beauty) and the lump of awareness by some unreal vibrations called as good qualities create attraction. These attractions are towards the unreal forms of matter and unreal forms of awareness. Shankara told that it is foolishness to get attracted to the unreal form of matter since the body of the girl is made of flesh and fat only (Etat mamsa vasadi vikaram). The Gita says that the world is fooled by the qualities, which are only the waves (feelings) of awareness (Mohitam nabhijanati).

at lotus feet of swami