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Bliss of God should be the goal …

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12/11/2011 8:42:22 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Message of Shri Datta Swami

Every spiritual aspirant aims at the bliss to be obtained by himself. Salvation means liberation from all worries & misery. Sayujyam or Kaivalyam means reaching God to attain bliss because God is Infinite Ocean of bliss. If this is aim of spirituality, how is it different from materialism? In materialism also everybody wants to release from worries & misery & wants to attain permanent happiness, which is called bliss. So, there is no difference between material aspirant & spiritual aspirant.

The only difference between these two aspirants is that materialistic aspirant uses worldly items as instruments to attain the goal & spiritual aspirant uses God as instrument to attain the same goal. Remember that enjoying bliss is enjoying fruit you have earned. If you enjoy bliss in this world, nothing remains for upper world.

In upper world you cannot do any effort & earn bliss because it is only world of enjoyment (Bhogaloka) & not world of any effort (Karma Loka). So, you must think of reducing your desire to enjoy bliss-fruit obtained from God. Even if you store a part of fruit for upper world you have to come back to this earth again to do spiritual effort. It has lot of risk because when you come back again we don't know atmosphere in which you will be placed & so you cannot be sure of this spiritual effort.

Then what is to be done? Go on doing spiritual effort without aspiring for bliss-fruit. Surrender fruit to Lord & you have no aspiration for that fruit. You enter into service of Lord as His beloved servant. You must aspire bliss of God & not bliss for yourself. This means you should do such service to Lord so that it pleases Him. Bliss or pleasure of Lord should be your goal. If Lord is pleased you are pleased. In service even if you undergo loss & get troubles & misery, it should be a pleasure for you because service finally pleases Lord. This is highest path in which your bliss-fruit is infinitely multiplied & is beyond any account.

At lotus feet of Datta Swami