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Idol Worship

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12/12/2011 11:19:15 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Message by Shri Datta Swami

Statue or photo is inert object. Form carved in stone or painted on paper is also an imaginary form and not even a direct photo. The statues and photos are only models representing the concept, which is knowledge. The form of statues and photos is mainly human form, which represents the concept that the Lord always comes to this world in human form as said in Gita (Manusheem Tanu Masritam…). Please remember, Gita did not tell that Lord would come in any other form.

Forms of fish, tortoise etc., were temporarily to kill the demons and nobody worshipped such forms during their time. But Rama, Krishna etc were the human forms worshipped by several devotees like Hanuman and Gopikas. Lord will come in every human generation; otherwise, He becomes partial to a particular generation. If necessary Lord can come whenever there is necessity as said in Gita (Yadaa yadaahi…).

Once this concept is realized, there is no need of temple and statue for you. You should go from school to college and then to university. This does not mean that when you leave the school, the school should be destroyed. School must exist for future batches. Therefore for you, statue and photo are not necessary and this does not mean that statues, photos and temples should be broken. They should be protected and must be respected as models of divine knowledge for future ignorant devotees. Some devotees cannot accept human form, which is before their eyes as said in Veda (Pratyaksha dvishah).

For such devotees statues and photos are necessary for meditation since they are at school level.Statues and photos are useful for the meditation of such limited minds as said in Sastra(Pratima svalpa buddhinam).Veda says that the Lord does not exist in the inert objects (Natasya pratima, Nedamtat), but says that the inert objects can stand as models representing the Lord (Adityam brahmeti).So seeing and meditation upon the statues and photos are correct in the case of ignorant devotees.

At lotus feet of Swami