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God is the ultimate controller...

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12/18/2011 6:35:06 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
In ordinary human beings, the soul is the partial controller of the external gross body because the gross body moves according to the will of the soul. However this does not mean that the soul is the absolute controller of the inert gross body. Both these are just the colleagues of the same class of creation.

The soul cannot control the gross body internally since the soul cannot rectify the damaged internal systems like heart, kidneys etc. of the gross body. The external control is just by co-operation as per the order of God.

When the inert gross body is hit by another huge inert stone, the soul is unable to control the fall of the stone and is unable to live in the gross body. The soul runs away in this situation, called as death. So, even the external control is partial only as per the wish of God.

Even the external control of gross body by soul disappears sometimes, as seen in some divine incidents. Sometimes, when God withdraws His wish, even this partial control of inert gross body by the soul disappears.

The limbs like legs and hands of the gross body do not function if God wishes so or according to the punishments of the sin as given by the administration of God. Therefore, the movement of limbs of gross body according to the will of the soul is only a granted boon by God to the soul. Such control is not inherent claim of the soul.

In the case of paralysis, the limbs do not move inspite of the intensive wish of the soul. Hence, there is no difference between the inert gross body and the alive living soul as far as the control of God is concerned.

At lotus feet of Swami