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The truth behind our existence.

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8/19/2013 5:11:07 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Probably all of us wondered about what are we, what is this life about, does GOD really exist and how did it all get started. Me too and at one point in my life I started tuely believing in GOD. Maybe that is why I got my answers.

So what are we ? Have you ever had an out-of-body experience ? Have you ever dreamed ? Where were you back then ?

Where were YOU back then ? Your body was lying still and your eyes were closed but you were moving around and seeing things.

So in my opinion we are souls which controle the body and the brain and everything is up to us.

But how did it all get started ? How come anything actually exists ?
Imagine an aquarium with fishes. You created their universe inside our universe and you can controle it if you know how. You can do it because you have a higher understanding of how our universe works. The same logic can apply to God creating a universe for us. We can not understand it because we do not have the same level of understanding as God or maybe God comes from a different universe which goes by completely different rules than ours. This way there might be a universe or multiple universes inside of every other universe.

I went back to The Tale of Adam and Eve and this is how I understand it. Lets remember it all started in heaven.

So God created The Great Garden of Eden which in my opinion symbolizes everything around us. He connected everything together and made it cycle into infinity. Because if you look at the world everything cycles. Even emotions and life.

So what happens after we die ? In my opinion we go to a place where all the souls awaits for their next incarnation. When in that place you can remember all of your previous incarnations. That is why reincarnation is about. That is why it is so important to make as many good memories as possible. Because after all it is all we have from this life. So do not feel fear of death as fear is one of your worst enemy.

Then God created humans and he created us in his image what means he gave us what he has. So he gave us imagination
which let us create just like him, because everything starts in the imagination and a body so we can actually create. He also gave us senses so we can enjoy his aswell as ours creations.

God gave us everything we needed right from the start but he also gave us a task, if one day we can become gods of our own world just like him. By becoming a god of your own world I understand that you are in absolute controle of your thoughts and your actions and you live in peace with the universe. In order to do that you need to find God inside you and let go of the things that are holding you back.

The part of the tale when Eve eats the fruit from the prohibited tree somblizes our choices. You can let the devil convince you to do something bad for yourself and others or you can fight him off in your head and live a happy life. The battle beetwen good and evil plays out in your mind, the rest of it is just a manifestation of this battle.

It is your choice how your life is going to look like. You can make it look like like Heaven or you can make it look like Hell.

This tale is supposed to tell us how to live this life in a good way.

Why would God punish us for mistakes of other people. It doesn't make sense. He is filled with love and compassion and he just want us to enjoy the gift he gave us.

So we are all born in Heaven!

And is there only one God ? I found the answer by looking at our most important tale. Why would God be forever alone ? We all need someone to share our life with so does God so has his Godness. We are their children and together with we are a family and family is all about love. This is where the idea of a family came from.

We are all in this together and we are all one. So do what is best for you and do not hurt anyone else. That means do not lie to yourself and do not lie to anyone else aswell. Love yourself and others. Try to understand and forgive those who hurt you and do not expect anything in return.

" You shall have no other God than me ".

God is everything so he is you aswell. This means only you should be a God for yourself so search for God inside you and do not let anyone enslave you.

We all make mistakes and God understand it. Important is to acknowledge your mistakes. So if you do something bad you should sincerely regret it and truely want to not do it again. It is a sign for God that you have learned your lesson.
It is never to late to start believing in God and start fixing your mistakes. He will always welcome you with hands wide open, like a true father.

And remember everything cycles so emotions do aswell. The emotions you send out and emotions you cause are the emotions that are going to come back to you. This is what karma is about.

Until now we were following religions which were found long time ago and we can not be sure if we have the correct version of what happened. We can be the first civilization to live in peace with the universe and fulfill our destiny, which is to become true children of God. This is the goal of our life, to become a real God-like family.

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

To do that we need to connect all together. No more wars, no more lies, no more racism. Peace and freedom in every aspect of life. Lets end the era of corruption and slavery. Lets link what we know with the technology we have and take the next step in our evolution.

This universe is designed in a brilliant way and it has a mechanism. Fighting destroys those who fight and love is the answer for everything. The more love you spread, the more love is going to come back to you.

I give you the whole truth. I will not hide anything from anyone. I feel no shame and I fear nothing. I am not saying I am right about all this but it makes logic sense to me so I believe in it. A religion should be an idealogy that connect all of us together. Not an institution. I converted from an ingrate to a man filed with love,passion and understanding thanks to finding the God inside me. I will not tell you how to live your life because I think one of the beuties of it is that everyone has their own way of doing it. Seeking happiness is happiness itself.

We make what we believe and that is why faith is so important in life. We already are the gods of our world and this is your world too.

And remember you always have a choice.

My vision is that together we can solve every problem so imagine a world where everyone is happy because at the end, everything is a manifestation of our imagination ;)

I love you,