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The chocolate drops of intelligence

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3/22/2014 5:54:52 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
This story could be a common legend, but I have never heard anyone else tell it.

It's about a man who used to live in my village. He was married to a blind woman, and they were really poor. So he worked as a merchant who would sell stuff, but sometimes he would have nothing to sell, and so he would think of creative ideas to make money. One of those ideas was to collect goat-droppings from the nearby field, wrap them around each in an aluminum foil and sell them to people in far-away towns as chocolate drops, which he advertised as chocolate that would enhance your thinking skills. It turns out that some people used to believe him and buy a packet or two from him. But one farmer had a snaky suspicion, and so he asked him for one. Right after he tasted it, he spat it out and shouted, "what the hell is this? Are you feeding me goat-sh!t?" The merchant smiled and shot back, "See, you now have better understanding skills."