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Morality in a Nutshell

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3/23/2014 1:53:33 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I have refined my ethical principles and I am prepared to field any hypothetical example to test them. I believe these five Primary Vices to be the most comprehensive and succinct ethical standards in existence, and the best basis to make any moral judgment or decision.

Primary Vices

1) Pride: Self-superiority/preferment; vanity. Opposite: Humility

2) Lust: Craving (i.e., wealth, power, sex, drugs, gluttony). Opposite: Temperance (Moderation)

3) Wrath: Desire to hurt others; anger. Opposite: Fortitude (Patience)

4) Envy: Sorrow for the successes of others. Opposite: Justice (Kindness)

5) Sloth: Failure to utilize one's talents and gifts; hopelessness; inaction. Opposite: Diligence (contrast with Ambition)

Kant's Categorical Imperative is a good tool to test these with and they stand up quite well.
Beliefs in a nutshell:
- The Ends never justify the Means.
- Objectivity is secondary to subjectivity.
- The War on Drugs is the worst policy in the U.S.
- Most people worship technology as a religion.
- Computers will never become sentient.