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Live Free or Die Hard?

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5/18/2014 11:58:18 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
So I was discussing a question with a friend and we both answered differently. I want to see what others think.

Lets say an alien race makes contact with us, and brings an entire starfleet to planet Earth. It seems that they are far more technologically advanced than we are, considering that they managed that, but it turns out they are hostile. The aliens threaten to eradicate us and take Earth for themselves, unless we agree to sacrifice a certain percentage of the population to them on a regular basis. They feed on the humans so they only want enough of a sacrifice to sustain them, and other than that they will allow us to live in peace, ensuring our survival.

I said that this was a reasonable sacrifice, and if I were somehow in charge of Earth I would have a duty to try to protect as many people as possible, so I would agree to these terms. My friend said that such a principle was against the spirit of humanity, and that he would rather fight the aliens, even though it clearly looks like we are outgunned and would likely die. He made the argument that I would be willingly sending other people who were not me to their certain deaths, I argued that he would be risking ALL other peoples lives for the sake of his own pride. We couldn't settle on an answer, so I am throwing the question to you all.

Side note: This question was born out of discussing cattle. Cows are far more successful as a species than they would be if we did not breed them, some species of bulls would almost certainly be extinct if not for their value as cattle. We were debating how valid it was to say that being non-vegetarian is cruel to animals by looking at that, and I proposed a similar situation where we were the cattle to discuss it.