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The World of Contradiction

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6/16/2014 7:08:55 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
We have an innate propensity towards fearing, the very things we find contradictory. We would rather find agreement, in which none exists. It is quite natural to find an appreciation, for that which we see as natural, while fearing anything foreign, or exotic, creating, in us, insecurities not for the unknown but the unfamiliar.

The reason I say unfamiliar, as opposed to unknown, is, because, that which is contradictory is not merely unknown; in fact, contradiction is a very real part of who we are. The foreigner is both like us and unlike us; he, or she, is definable and indefinable; it is that mystery, that contradiction, between that which is known and that which is unknown that unsteadies our gait.

Yet, without contradiction, life would be a bore; in fact, it would be utterly meaningless. It is not in agreement we find life, but in contradiction; contradiction defines who we are and gives life meaning. It is a force created out of the intensity of adversity, between that which is, and that which isn't. Goodness does not stand alone but in opposition to that which is evil; comfort is cruelly opposed to suffering; light does not vanquish darkness, yet, it is in an eternal struggle, coming in and out of being. In which one leaves off, the other begins, creating the phenomenal world from the trenches of adversity.