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Principles of objective ethics

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7/12/2014 2:33:10 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I am interested in critical analysis/discussion of the principles of objective ethics. The idea of objective ethics is based on the book "Cult of Freedom & Ethics of Public Sphere". I would like to start with two important definitions and if anyone will be interested in this approach, I will add new pieces for discussion.

Definitions of determinism and freedom

1. Determinism is a property of reality such that the same process under the same conditions always produces the same result. The "result" may be stochastic (ie obeys the laws of probability), and a "process" may be physical or logical, for example, interaction of quantum particles or solving a system of equations by a man. When a man is a direct participant in a process, he feels it as coercive force, impact, compulsion, influence, violence (consider the force of a good argument, for instance).

Determinism manifests itself as regularity, repeatability, interdependence, causality, etc. which allows for discovering/using laws. (This may be a second definition if you like)

2 Freedom, on the other hand, is an opposite property, ie an ability of reality to produce (by using/combining the old processes) a completely new result which did not exist before. The emergence and accumulation of the unpredictable, new, makes the universe more and more complex. Therefore, we can say that freedom "acts" as a kind of direction. That is the movement / development which is going on in the universe is ultimately directed to freedom.

Freedom can"t be analyzed, studied and generally comprehended by reasoning alone. Freedom is intrinsically paradoxical.

Both these properties are objective and present in the world at the same time.