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In Weakness, We are Made Strong

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7/22/2014 11:22:32 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
...(F)or when I am weak, then am I strong." - II Corinthians

A man, or woman, who has always had material security, given the first sign of insecurity is terrified, terrified to the point he, or she, is willing to do just about anything to eradicate the financial uncertainty.

Trusting in outward signs of security does not build an inward sense of assurance. It is only as we are stripped away of all our defenses do we really find trust in ourselves, to survive and even thrive. Even though materialism is not life in its entirety, it is a big part of who we are. Being uncertain about tomorrow, over time builds in us an assurance, come that which may, life still moves forward. When a man, or woman, finds no foundation whereby to establish his, or her, life, he, or she, becomes the foundation, on which all things are established.